Bester Caviar

The Bester Caviar is valued worldwide for its taste. It offers gorgeously wonderful, refined and delicate salty flavours veiled by rich, buttery, nutty (walnut, hazelnut) and creamy touches with an incredibly elegant and long after-taste. While its colour is characterised by silver-grey to black, making a memorable addition to every family event.

Bester Caviar
Bester Caviar

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Aquatir - Bester Caviar

Species: Huso Huso Sturgeon & Acipenser Ruthernus

Allergens: fishery product.   None GMO.
No preservatives.                No antibiotics.

Bester – beluga x a sterlet. It is uniquely balanced, combines all advantages of beluga and sterlet caviar; has bigger size of berries in comparison with sterlet caviar, possesses really elegant, harmonious and full taste reminding the taste of beluga caviar. Color varies from silver-gray to rich dark shades.

Following the classical caviar production traditions, we use only salt, no preservatives or additives. Packed caviar undergoes light thermal treatment, while retaining all its useful properties. Our goal is to produce caviar of exceptional quality and unrivaled taste.

Egg Colour: Black & Silver Grey

Egg Taste: Nutty, Delicate & Mild flavour