Sterlet Caviar

Harvested in the crystal-clear waters of the mesmerising Caspian and Black Seas, Sterlet Sturgeon is known to mature faster than other sturgeon varieties. Its roes are usually fresh plump and are perfect to be served with the most sophisticated dishes.


Aquatir -Sterlet Caviar

Species: Acipenser Ruthenus

Allergens: fishery product.   None GMO.
No preservatives.                No antibiotics.

Egg Size: 

Egg Colour: Dark to Light Grey

Egg Taste: Fresh, Light & Creamy Flavour

Egg Firmness: 



One of the most interesting sorts of sturgeon caviar. Connoisseurs have long tried out this surprising delicacy. It possesses the memorable individual taste and a rich palette of aftertaste. Color varies from light gray to dark gray shades.


Be careful when choosing black caviar, carefully study its ingredients, adhere to the storage conditions indicated on the label and enjoy your meal!

Sterlet Caviar
Sterlet Caviar